Psychiatric Services

1. Psychiatric Evaluations
2. Medication Management

Psychological Services

1. Psycholgical Testing/Evaluations
2. Psychosexual Testing
3. Educational Testing

Outpatient Services

Individual/Familiy therapy for children & adults in home or in office setting.

Group Therapy:

1. Parental Training
2. Anger Management
3. Grief & Loss

Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site
Services (TBOS)

Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site Services (TBOS) is a behavioral health service that provides intensive therapy for children and their families at school, shelters, foster homes, and / or daycare centers. It includes individual therapy for children and family therapy for parents / caregivers.


Behavioral On-Site Services (TSS)

This service is based on the "Beyond Consequences" Model designed specifically to work on modifying the behaviors of children who have developed attachment difficulties, ADHD, ODD and the like, as a result of trauma experienced. The services include:
1. Parent / caregiver training and coaching skill training.
2. Behavior Modification skills training.
3. Support for Parents, Caregiver and Teachers.

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessment

Other services include the following:
1. Crisis Intervention
2. Treatment Planning
3. Multi-Disciplinary team staffing
4. Adoption support services
5. Debriefing & Follow-Up services
6. Couples Therapy


Children's Targeted Case Management Services (TCM)

1. Linking / Referring to community resources for children and their families.
2. Prevention of out of home placement.
3. Advocacy in legal & academic settings.
4. Community Outreach.