Mental Health

Psychological Services


A psychological evaluation is an assessment, evaluation, and diagnosis of the recipient’s mental status or psychological conditions through the use of different testing methodologies. The recipient is assessed for treatment planning, clarification of diagnosis, school class placement, etc.

Psychiatric Services


A psychiatric evaluation is a comprehensive assessment by a medical doctor that investigates the patient’s clinical symptoms. The purpose of this evaluation is to establish a therapeutic doctor-patient relationship, gather information to formulate a diagnosis and initiate an effective treatment plan.

Therapeutic Behavioral (TBOS)


Therapeutic Behavioral Health Onsite Services (TBOS) are provided to children, adolescents (age 0-20), and their families in the home and school setting. TBOS program is designed to assist children and their families who are experiencing severe mental health/behavioral health issues and related stressors.

Targeted Case Management


Targeted Case Management (TCM) Program offers case management services for children and adults throughout Palm Beach County. Services including advocacy, linkages to community resources, coordination of services, education, and follow up services. This program utilizes the Wraparound Case Management model.

Outpatient Services


Outpatient Therapy Program services are provided to children, adolescents, adults, and families in a clinic setting as well as in the community if the need arises. A wide range of services are organized within a comprehensive therapeutic environment that includes assessment, diagnostic determination, individual...

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